Tri-State Ad Campaign

When I came to Denver six months ago, I had one goal in mind..make a living solely from photography work. As I slept on a hard basement floor, cuddled in my sleeping bag, I emailed countless photographers asking to meet for coffee, a beer, or a five minute phone call. In hopes that some work would rise from it. Amidst this comfortable settling in I met Willie. We met for coffee; exchanged backgrounds, photo knowledge, and talked shop for awhile. Willie was the first I had met that offered me work on the spot.

I had plans to visit family in the Midwest two weeks after this coffee meeting, but those plans were quickly shattered, and for good reason. Willie talked about an ad campaign that involved flying to multiple states surrounding Colorado to photograph a robot…in a private jet. Before he could say anymore, I had my flight home rescheduled.

I didn’t receive much more information from Willie. Simply a flight itinerary. In a four day stint we traveled to southwestern Colorado (Montrose and Telluride), southern Wyoming, and then down to southern New Mexico. We photographed Ryan the robot, dubbed ‘Power,’ in locations that varied from small town bakeries and historic theaters to the top of the Telluride Ski Resort.

It was truly an experience for the books. Tri-State launched the ad campaign about two weeks ago. Complete with video (Evan Swinehart), interviews and behind the scenes footage, as well as Willie’s killer images. Take a look!

Willie Petersen Blog: Tri-State G&T Ad Campaign

Willie Petersen Photo: Tri-State Ad Campaign